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Radiator Repair and Maintenance

A car’s radiator has the important task of keeping the engine cool, is essential to the health of your engine and your vehicle.


Your vehicle’s radiator is the heart of the cooling system, which needs to function properly at all times. After all, the cooling system keeps your engine at a safe operating temperature.

A damaged, leaking or restricted radiator requires immediate attention, because engine overheating can lead to costly damage. One of the most common malfunctions associated with overheating is a blown head gasket. In most circumstances this can be avoided when the radiator and other cooling system components are properly maintainedThe most common radiator problems start with a coolant leak from rust or mineral deposit build-ups in the radiator, hoses, or clamps. Other problems that can trigger overheating include a broken thermostat or faulty water pump. If you notice steam coming from under the hood or your temperature gauge climbing, please bring your car to Tire and Wheel Pro.


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